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So before you judge this book by its cover, Understand she is far beyond any imagined lover.

These thoughts are flying left and right, Zig-Zagging along somewhat like a kite. ”Try as I might to get around this incessant jumble, The thoughts are creating nothing but a loud mumble.

What remains here is related to my one-on-one sex education and counseling services, my workshops, my Curriculum for Modern Sex Education, my calendar as well as my other ongoing projects.

My blog content is available at which is a more general sex education and information website.

Does this break neck speed have a purpose, Or is it really just a huge fuss.

Engine revving day and night, This journey that it seeks to ignite.

Racing, racing toward the unknown, Straight out, hell bent and like a cyclone.

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Yes, actual first dates are often decided by one partner and agreed by another, but you should still describe what you would do if you took the lead. Have taken some of your advice, I will clearly need to add more when it springs to mind, and have taken out most as suggested.

Higher and higher, they fly on the wind, Muscles strung too tight, filled with images entwined. Mind filling in those gaps with random meanderings, Tugging at the edges: is this nothing more than a case of his philandering?

My actions have proven worthiness time and again, I refuse to remain where it is shallow and mundane.

I will do as I’ve always done, Stand tall and proud, as if I’ve had loads of fun.

Bruised and sore and covered with dust, Yet still filled with an unbridled lust.“Get over it,” I’ll tell myself, Be nimble and bouncing, as free as any elf!


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