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He was a wonderful public speaker and a charming traveling mate. He smiled as he fought and as Fred says he died with his boots on.He was not an easy man to edit, though – he kept wanting to put unnecessary commas, “that’s,” and boldfacing back into his manuscripts — but the great ones never are. Just a few weeks ago, he flew to Paris to speak at Heartland’s “Day of Examining the Data” and contributed to the completion and review of another book, We will remember him. What those of you who missed hanging with him in Paris last December should know is that he was on splendid form – hail, happy, looking like he was going to go on forever. Just the kind of guy you want in the foxhole next to you!In protest at that, another professor hired Bob immediately for an hour a week so Bob could continue supervising students and keep his library access.

Probably the saddest aspect of the whole petty saga of the Blackballing of Bob Carter was that JCU felt it was fine to explain that Bob’s mistake was that he had come to an inconvenient conclusion on climate change.

Bob helped immeasurably with three volumes in the series, a series of hefty compilations of scientific research he coauthored and coedited with Craig D. Good old Bob with his dark Satanic beard and his impish smile. I had the privilege of knowing and working with Bob for the better part of the past decade.

Along with Fred Singer, I served with Bob as a Lead Author on several volumes of work produced by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change.

For the last few days I have been hoping that he would return to us, but alas, tonight he passed away peacefully, surrounded by family.

Professor Bob Carter (74) has been a key figure in the Global Warming debate, doing exactly what good professors ought to do — challenging paradigms, speaking internationally, writing books, newspaper articles, and being invited to give special briefings with Ministers in Parliament.


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