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Here, we describe the development and disseminate system methods for associating patient genomic sequence data with clinically relevant information, facilitating interpretation and providing a mechanism for informing therapeutic decision-making.

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Through this analysis, we have identified patient indications, molecular aberrations, and targeted therapy classes that have strong or weak representation in clinical trials.

The JAX-CKB incorporates information populated from various incorporated ontologies and databases, and via the curation User Interface (UI), and is maintained using the CKB-Utilities tools.

Using information from the JAX-CGA/CKB and the CKB reports, tools are used to generate datasets to enable clinical report generation The flow of data through the CGA-CKB system begins with the transformation and automated mapping of patient variants to JAX-CKB.

In addition to supporting clinical reporting, the JAX-CKB allows visibility into deficiencies in the characterization of potentially actionable mutations and therapeutic interventions, exposing opportunities for research that have the potential to advance cancer treatment.

Here, we detail and share the processes by which we map patient data to the knowledgebase and provide a detailed view of the clinical trial landscape in solid tumors.) incorporates several components, including the bioinformatics pipeline, the data loader and mapper, the JAX Clinical Knowledgebase, and reporting tools.


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