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Mudau" (1899); "Baden zwischen Neckar und Main" (1901); "Die Geschicht- schreibung der Stadt Freiburg" (1902); "Schloss Burgheim am Rhein" (1904); "Die Schiller von Herdern" (1905); "Die Odenwaldbahn Mosbach- Mudau" (1906); "Die Schneeburg ob Ebringen" (1909); "Der Meister E. Assistant and subsequently archivist, Library of Hun- garian National Museum, Budapest, 1894-1912; pro- fessor of medieval history. Has spent several years in historical research work in the Vatican Archives. ARTICLES: Counsels, Evangelical; Discipline of the Secret; Dolphin; Dove; Elvira, Council of; Eulogia; Glabrio, Manius Acilius; Lateran, St. Convert to the Church 1870; professed in the Bene- dictine Order 1878; ordained 1883; at present rector, church of St. Author of: "Our Lady in the Liturgy"; "Scottish Monasteries of Old"; "Calendar of Scottish Saints"; "Rambles in Cathohc Lands"; "Up in Ardmuirland"; etc.; contributor to: "Dub Un Review"; "Tablet"; "American Cathohc Quarterly Review"; "Month"; "Irish Ecclesiastical Record"; "Cathohc World": "Ave Maria"; "Irish Monthly". Teacher of mathematics and the Classics, Boston College, 1883- 1888; ordained 1891; professor of philosophy at Woodstock 1892-1895, 1896-1898; professor of moral theology, Woodstock, 1898-1914; spiritual director, Woodstock, 1914r- . President of the Wolver- hampton Literary Association. Member of: the Academy of Arcades; the Royal Society of Canada. Author of: "Questions factuelles d'l Seri- ture-Sainte" (Paris, 1895); "Questions d'Eoriture- Sainte: L'Eghse et la critique biblique (ancien Testa- ment)" (Paris, 1908); collaborator in " Dictionnaire de th^ologie cathohque"; contributor to: "La Contro- verse" (Lyons); "Revue des questions historiques" BRUNAULT 21 BURROWES (Paris); "Revue des questions scientifiques" (Brus- ARTICLES: Malabab Rites; Pabhenin, Dominique; Psi- MAHE, Joseph Henri Mabie de; Protectorate of Missions; R^ois, Jean-Baptiste; Ricci, Matteo; Schall von Bell, Jo HANN Adam; Vebbiest, Febdinand; Visdelou, Claude de.

Author of: "Matthias Doring" (1889); "Geschichte der Stadt Radolfzell" (1896); "Steinbach b. Education: University of Budapest; Institute for Austrian Historical Research, Vienna. ^XP I^^^H ^Bwdi HHHHHJI^I REV, JULIAN BANCKAERT REV. Peter at Rome and His Tomb on the Vatican Hi U" (1900); "The Man of the Iron Mask" (1908); contributor to various reviews. C.; Jesuit scholasticates of Frederick, Woodstock (Maryland), and Innsbruck, Austria. Temperance delegate to World's Convention, Chicago, 1893; delivered Edmund Burke Centennial Lectures, Dublin and London, 1897; addressed the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland, 1911. Joseph, the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, the Sisters of the Holy Family, the Sisters of Hope, and the Daughters of Mary; instituted religious observance of Labor Day; has inaugurated successful crusades against intemperance and certain theatres; directed the Eucharistic Congress, Montreal, 1910. Entered the Society of Jesus 1860; ordained 1870; taught phil- osophy, Jesuit College, Amiens, 1871-1872; associate editor of "Etudes re Ugieuses", Lyons, 1873-1880; professor of ecclesiastical history, St. Asaph, Wales, 1880-1881; professor of Scripture, Jesuit scholasticate, Jersey, 1881-1887; associate editor of the new "Etudes", Paris, 1887-1897; editor-in-chief 1897-1900; once more associate editor, 1900- .

ARTICLES: John Chrysostom, Saint; Severian, Bishop OF Gabala; Theodore, Bishop of Mopsuestia; Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrus; Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch. Mary's Co Uege, Kansas, 1880-1885; ordained 1888; teacher of philosophy, St. ARTICLES: Ahicam; Airoli, Giacomo Maria; Alabaster; Alcimus; Ambarach, Peter; Ammon; Ammonian Section; Beelen, Ian Theodor; Bethsaida, City and Pool; Bethsan; Bethulia; Bickell, Gustav; Brethren of the Lord, The; Cades; Caleb (6); Calmet, Dom Augitstin; Captain (in the Bible); Cedar (Son of Ismael); Cedar (Tree); Cedes; Cen- turion; Co RDi ER, Balthasar; Core, Dathan, and Abiron; Cornelius, Centurion of the Italic Cohort; Itineraria; Ju DAiz ERs; Kings, First and Second Books of; Klee, Hein- rich; Machabees, The; Machabees, The Books of; Manna; Noe; Paralipomenon; Pharao; Pillar of Cloud; of Fire; Plagues of Egypt; Sabbath; Sabbatical Year; Susa; Tob- TADO, Alonso. Ordained 1884; parish priest, Basle, 1885- 1888; professor of moral and pastoral theology. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, New York, 1901- 1904; recalled to Ireland 1904; professor of sacred eloquence and pastoral theology, Maynooth Co Uege, Dubhn, 1904- . ARTICLES : Homiletics; Homiuarium; Homilt; Macartht, Nicholas Tuite; Moriartt, David. Education: Gymnasium, Aachen; Picpus scholasticate and Louvain University, Louvain, Belgium. Served in the French Arti Uery 1891 ; married Elodie Agnes Hogan, of Napa, Cahfornia, 1896; Liberal M. Author of: "Verses and Sonnets" (1895); "Bad Ch Ud's Book of Beasts" (1896); "More Beasts for Worse Children" (1897); "Essays in Libera Usm by Six Oxford Men" (1897); "The Modern Trave Uer" (1898); "Danton" (1899); "Lambkins Remains" (1900); Paris (1900); "Robespierre" (1901); "Path to Rome" (1902); "Ca Uban's Guide to Letters" (1903); "Aftermath" (1903); "Avril" (1904); "Emmanuel Burden" (.1904); "The Old Road" (1905); "Esto Perpetua" (1906); "Hi Us and the Sea" (1906); "Cautionary Tales" (1907); "On Nothing and Kindred Subjects" (1908); "The Historic Thames" (1909); "On Everything" (1909); "Marie Antoinette" (1909); "The Pyrenees" (1909); "A Change in the Cabinet" (1909); "Mr. Mary's Aposto Uc School and scholasticate of the Company of Mary, Schimmert, Limburg, Ho Uand. Education: Seminary, Perugia; School of Palaeography and Diplomacy, State Archives, Rome. Entered the Benedictine Order 1861; ordained 1869; Superior of St. Berlioz, Right Reverend Alexandre, Society of Foreign Missions, Bishop of Hakodate, Japan, b. at Saint Jean de Boiseau, France, 13 Jan- uary, 1853. Built the first Catholic church at Nukualofa;, former editor of "Revue Catho Hque, tongienne" (5 years). near Chamb^ry, Savoy, 1874, Education: Ottawa; Li Sge, Belgium.

Beatrice, Sister St., Sisters of the Misericorde, Montreal, Canada. Education: Roman College; Royal University, Naples. Ordained 1877; has been for the greater part of his life professor of philosophy and theology (twenty years) and postulator general of the Causes of the Servants of God of the Society of Jesus (fourteen years), at present holding the latter post. Education: Co Uege of Providence, Amiens, France; Jesuit Scholasticate, Florissant, Missouri; Wood- stock Co Uege, Maryland; University of Chicago; University of Innsbruck, Austria. Seminary, Lucerne, 1888-1891; professor of pastoral theology, Fribourg University, 1891- ; rector of the University 1906-1907; rector of the Salesianum, Fribourg. Entered the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Picpus) 1874; ordained 1878; missionary in Hawaii 1879- ; in charge of Molokai, outside the Leper Settlement, and confessor of Father Damien, 1886-1888; provincial of the Hawaiian Province, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, 1903-1906; in charge of the Mission, Hilo, Hawaii, 1908- . Clutterbuck's Election" (1910); "On Anything" (1910); "On Something" (1910); "Pongo and the Bu U" (1910); "Verses" (1910); "The French Revo- lution" (1911); "Blenheim" (1911); "Verses" (1911); "Waterloo" (1912); "The Servile State" (1912); "The Battle of Tourgoing" (1912); "Crecy" (1912); "The Four Men" (1912); "The Green Overcoat" (1912); "More Peers" (1912); "The River of London" (1912); "This and That and the Other" (1912); "Warfare in England" (1912); "Poitiers" (1913); "The Stane Street" (1913); "The Book of Bayeux Tapestry" (1914); "The Girondin" (1914); "A General Sketch of the European War" (1915); translator: "Tristan and Iseult" (1913); editor: Lingard, "History of England", 11 vols. Bemelmans, Reverend John Henbt, s.m.m., missionary, b. Ordained and transferred to Ottawa, Canada, 1902; occupied in preaching various Canadian dioceses 1902-1906; stationed at Gate of Heaven Church, Ozone Park, Long Island, 1906- ARTICLES: Mary, Missionaries of the Company of; Wis- dom, Daughters of. At Perugia (1880-1893), secretary to the Archbishop, professor of Church history at the Seminary, ecclesiastical assistant of the Catholic Association, founder and director of the "Rassegna sociale", the first Italian periodical devoted to Catho Uc sociology, and the "Monitore Umbro"; ordained 1884; at Genoa (1893- 1895), editor-in-chief of "Eco d'lta Ua" and director of "Rassegna sociale"; in Rome (1895- ), editor of "Bessarione", director of "Voce della Verity", founder and director of the "Misce Uanea di storia e cultura ecclesiastica"; professor of Church history at the Seminary (St. Augustine's Abbey, Ramsgate, 1877-1905; abbot 1896; at present visitor of the Cassinese Bene- dictine monasteries in England; chaplain of the Daughters of the Cross, Carshalton, Surrey. at Serrieres-en-Chautagne, Savoy, 12 September, 1852. Education: school, Serri Sres; College of Pont- de-Beauvoisin; Seminary, Chamb6ry; Seminary of Foreign Missions, Paris. Education: College at Couets and Seminary at Nantes, France. at Sainte-Bazeille, Lot-et-Garonne, France, 7 July, 1851. Augustine's College, Ramsgate; Kensington Catholic public school; London University College School. Author of "Chez les M&idionaux- du Pacifique" (Lyons, 1910).. Entered the order of Oblates of Mary Immaculate 1891; ordained 1898; professor of philosophy (1898-1905) and of theology (1905- ), Oblate Scholasticate, Ottawa. Blenk, Most Reverend James Hubert, s.m., d.d., Archbishop of New Orleans, b. James Seminary, Baltimore; Jefferson Col- lege, Convent, Louisiana; Marist scholasticates, Belley and Lyons, France, and Dublin and Dundalk, Ireland; Catholic University, Ireland . Mary's Hall, Stonyhurst College, Blackburn, England; Pope's Ha U, Oxford.

Abel, Reverend F^lix Marie, o.p., s.t.d., s.s.l., b. Stephen's Bibhcal School, Jerusalem; acts as guide for Scriptural cara- vans on various tours through Palestine, Phoenicia, Syria, etc., 1906- . Joseph's Col- lege, Mill HUl, London; Gregorian University, Rome. Joseph's College, Mill Hill, London, 1903-1912; pro- fessor at the House of Studies of St. Entered the Society of Jesus, 1896; professor of chemistry, geology and mechanics, Boston College, Boston, Mass., 1902-1906; professor of mathematics, geology and mathematical astronomy, Woodstock College, Maryland, 1906-1907; ordained 1910; pro- fessor of chemistry and geology, Canisius College, Buffalo, 1911-1914; stationed at St. Y., 1914-1915; professor of chemistry and geology, Boston College, 1915- Member of "the American Association for the Advance- ment of Science, of the American Chemical Society, of the Boston Society of Natural History, of the AHERNE ALDASV Seismological Society of America, of the Appalachian Mountain Club and of the Geological Society of Boston. Education: private schools; Birkbeck Institute; St. Joseph's College, Mill Hill; matriculated at London University. Ordained 1890; has occupied various parishes in the diocese of Omaha, Nebraska; at present, rector, St. Author of: "The Dhamma of Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (Boston, 1900; French translation, Paris, 1903); contributor to: "Catholic University Bulletin"; "American Ecclesi- astical Review"; "American Catho Uc Quarterly Re- view"; "Catholic World". ARTICLES: Gorkum, Martyrs of; Holland; Lambert, Saint, Bishop of Maestricht; Lidwina, Saint; Schaepman, Herman; Thijm, Joseph Albert; Thum, Peter Paul; Vondel, joost van den. Author of: "Histoire du Br^viaire romain" (Paris, 1893; new edition 1911; Enghsh translation: History of the Roman Breviary, London, 1898); "Etudes d'histoire et de th6ologie positive", devoted to a discussion of the origins of penance (against Lea) and of the Eucharist (against Harnack and Loofs), 2 vols. Educa- tion: Seminary, Viviers; French Seminary, Rome.

Titular Bishop of Hypsepa 1902; titular Archbishop of Seleucia Trachea 1904. ARTICLES: Heart of Jesus, Devotion to the; Heart of Mart, Devotion to the; Tradition. Education: schools of Lourdes and LSzignan; Pre- paratory Seminary of St. at Siena, Italy, 6 September, 1836, of a noble Florentine family; d. Entered the Benedictine Order at an early age; ordained 1861; devoted the greater part of his hfe to the education of youth; abbot of San Pietro, Perugia, 1896; conse- crated titular Bishop of Theodosiopohs at St. Education: Eton; Woolwich; University Col- lege, Oxford. Professed in the Redemp- torist Order 1865; ordained 1869; passed most of his BARRY 10 BAt JMBERGER life in missionary work in Ireland, England, and Scotland. Has been vice-president and executive committeeman. North Dakota Bar Association; represented North Dakota at meeting of American Bar Association, Saratoga, 1900; delegate to Congress for Uniform Divorce Laws, Washington, D. Andrew-on- Hudson, Poughkeepsie, 1914-1915; professor of physics, astronomy and higher mathematics, Wood- stock College, _Md., 1915- . Education: seminaries of Hegeveld and Drie- bergen, Holland; Minerva, Rome; Vatican School of Pateography. Schaepman" (Haarlem, 1903); "Diarium van Arend van Buehell" (Amsterdam, 1907); "Regesten van oorkonden betreffende het Sticht Utrecht", 2 vols. ARTICLES: Celbstine Order; Malling Abbey; Meaux; William of Vercelli. in London, 31 May, 1876, fourth son of Andrew Brown of Lochton, Perthshire, Scotland, Grandson of Major James Wemyss of Carriston, Fifeshire, and brother of Monsignor William F. Education: The College, Brighton; Glasgow Tech- nical College; studied engineering at Dundee and Glasgow (Fairfield Company). Edmund's, Abbey of; Canterbury; Capgrave, John; Carlisle; Ceadda, Saint; Cbdd, Saint; Cellier, Elizabeth; Cesarini, Giuliano; Chadwick, James; Challoner, Richard; Champnet, Anthony; Chester; Chichester; Christian Knowledge, Society fob Promoting; Clement, Cesar; Clenock, Maurice; Clerk, John, Bishop op Bath and Wells; Clifton; Codrington, Thomas; Colbt, John; Constable, Cuthbert; Cordell, Charles; Daniel, John; Darrell, William; Davenport, Christopher; De Lisle, Ambrose Lisle March Philupps; Di GBY, George; Dorman, Thomas; Drane, Augusta Theo- dosia; Durham; Easton, Adam; Egbert; Ellis, Philip Michael; Ely; - Englefield, Felix; Englefield, Sir Henry Charles, Bart.; Erdeswicke, S.^mpson; Errington, William; Erskine, Charles; Ethelbert, Archbishop of York; Eustace, John Chetwoode; Evangelical Alliance; Exeter, See of; Eyre, Thomas; Eyston, Charles; Falkneb, Thomas; Fenn, John; Finch, John, Venerable; Fitzalan, Henry; Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony; Fleming, Richard, Bishop of Lincoln; Fletch- er, John; Floyd, John; Formby, Henry; Fowler, John; Gar- diner, Stephen; Geoffrey of Dunstable; Geoffrey op Mon- mouth; Gerard, Archbishop of York; Gervase of Canter- bury; Gesta Romanorum; Goffe, Stephen; Goss, Alexander; Grant, Thomas; Green, Thomas Louis; Guilds, in England; Harding, Thomas; Hardyng, John; H.^rrison, William; Heath, Nicholas; Henry of Herford; Henry of Hunting- don; Hereford; Higden, Ranulf; Holden, Henry; Hornyold, John Joseph; Iblip, Simon; Jaenbebt, Archbishop of Can- terbury; Jenks, Silvester; Jocelin de Brakelond; Jocelin of Wells; John of Cornwall; Joseph of Exeter; Justus, Saint; Kemp, John; Kilwardby, Robert; Knighton, Henry; Langham, Simon; Lawrence, Saint; Lichfield; Lincoln; Llandaff; London; Lucas, Frederick; Malmesbury, Monk of; Marian Priests; Marshall, Thomas William; Matthew, Sir Tobie; Milo Ceispin; Morton, John; Monsell, William, Baron Emly; Montfobt, Simon de; Mush, John; Nicholson, Francis; Noble, Daniel; Northcote, James Spencer; Nor- wich; Offa, King op Mercia; Old Hall; Oldham, Hugh; Palmer, William; Pandulph, Bishop of Norwich; Panzani; Gregorio; Paulinus, Saint; Pecock, Reginald; Penal Laws IN England; Penal Laws in Scotland; Pendleton, Henry; Peyto, William; Phillip, Robert; Pilgrimage of Grace; Pitts, John; Plantagenet, Henry Beaufort; Plegmund, Archbishop of Canterbury; Plowden, Edmund; Plymouth Brethren; Pullen, Robeet; Puritans; Quin, Michael Jo- seph; Rathborne, . Education: Portland grammar and high schools; Holy Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts; Woodstock College, Maryland. Teach- er of Classics, Heathcote School, Buffalo, N. Ed- ucation: Gymnasium at Gemert, North Brabant; Jesuit scholasticates. S." (1910); editor of: "Freiburger Munsterblatter"; "Freiburger Zeit- schrift fur Geschichts-, Altertums- und Volkskunde". Correspond- ing member, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; a director of the Hungarian Historical Society; Hun- garian Catho Uc Authors' and Journa Usts' Society; a director and secretary of the Hungarian Society of Genealogy and Heraldry; member of the Literary and Scientific Section and a director of St. John; Neophyte; Passion of Jesus Christ in the Four Gospels; Pilate, Pon- tius; Saint Peter, Tomb of; Sexburga, Saint; Wilfrid, Saint. ARTICLES: Fort Augustus Abbey; Graham, Patrick; Hamilton, John; Melrose, Abbey of; Ogilvie, John, Ven- erable; Pluscarden Priory. Editor of: Sabetti, "Com- pendiimi theologiae Mora Us", 17th and subsequent editions; contributor to: "The Messenger of the Sacred Heart" and of an article on Divorce (in answer to Bishop Doane of the Protestant Diocese of Albany) to the "American Catholic Quarterly". Author of: "The New Antigone" (1887); "Father Hecker, Founder of the Pauhsts" (1892); "The Two Standards" (1898); "Arden Massiter" (1900); "The Wizard's Knot" (1901); "The Papal Monarchy" (1902); "The Day- spring (1903); "Heralds of Revolt" (1904); "Liter- ary Life of Newman" (1904); "Literary Life of Renan" (1905); "The Tradition of Scripture" (1906); "The Papacy and Modern Times" (1911); "Liter- ature the Word of Life" (1912) ; (pamphlets) : "Sketch of Newman's Life"; "Thoughts for Free-Thinkers"; "Future of Catho Ucism"; "The Higher Criticism"; collaborator in "Cambridge Modern History" (by Dr. Author of: "New Year Greetings" (under the pseudonym Louis des Lys); "Catacombs"; "Conferences on Charity"; "Monsabr6"; "Louis Veuillot"; etc.; contributor to the "Semaine Reli- gieuse". ARTICLES: Abb^; Abdias op Babylon; Abecedarians; Ab- erdeen, Diocese op; Abba de Raconis, Charles FRANgois D*; Abrahamites; Accessus; Acciajuoli; Accursius, Francesco; Ac EPHALi; Ac KERMANN, LEOPOLD; Ac TON, Charles Januarius; Acuas; Adalbert I; Adam of Saint Victor; Adelham, John Placid; Adelophagi; Adeodatus; Agapet.e; Agar, William Seth; Agnesi, Maria Gabtana; Agonistici; Agoult, Charles Constance C^sar Joseph Matthieu d'; Agrippinus; Aguas Calientes; Aguirre, Joseph Saenz de; Alagoas, Diocese op; Alamanni, Niccol6; Alberti, Leone Battista; Albicus, Sig- ismund; Alcock, John; Aldprith; Alessandria Della Paqlia, Diocese of; Alexander of Abonoteichos; Alexander op Ltcopolis; Alexians; Alger op Li^ge; Allen, Frances; Allen, George; Allen, John; Allison, William; Alva y Astorga, Pedro d'; Amalricians; Ambrose of Camaldoli, Saint; Amherst, Francis Kerril; Ampubiab, Diocese of; Ajf AGNl, Diocese of; Andrea Pisano; Andreis, Felix De; Andria, Diocese of; Annibale, Giuseppe d'; Anquetil, Louis- Pierre; Anselme, Antoine; Anthemius; Anthony of the Mother of God; Aosta, Diocese of; Apollinaris (The El- der) ; Apos TOLici; Aquila, Archdiocese of; Arezzo, Diocese of; Arne, Thomas Augustine; Asser, John. Education: Preparatory Seminary of Valence, France; St. Ordained 1902; Professor of Church history (1903-1905), of Greek (1903- ), and of topography, archaeology, and Coptic (1905- ) at St. Francis Xavier College, New York; Woodstock College, Maryland; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Innsbruck University, Aus- tria. Member of the Advisory Council of the Simphfied Spelhng Board. Author of: "Het Herstel der Hierarchie in de Neder- landen", in 2 parts (Nimwegen, 1903^1904); "Hand- boek der Algemeene Kerkgeschiedenis", in 2 parts (Nimwegen, 1905-1907), translated into French, Latin, Ita Uan, Spanish, and English; and "Levens- geschiedenis van Pater Roothaan"; collaborator in: "Vivat's Encyclop^die"; " Nederlandsch Biograph- isch Woordenboek" ; "Het Jaarboekje van Alberdingk Thijm"; and "Archief voor de Geschiedenis van het Aartsbisdom Utrecht"; contributor for many years to the "Studien". ARTICLES: Apostolic Majesty; Gran, Archdiocese of- Grosswardein; Gtor; Haynald, Lajos; Hungary; Hunyady Ji Nos; Ipolyi, Arnold; Kalocsa and Bacs; Kisfaludy, SAn- UDISLAS ABRAHAM SR. Bati Sol, Right Reverend Monsignob Pierre Henri, s.t.d., Litt. Ardent opponent of Loisy; has devoted most of his life to the study of ancient Christian literature. Abraham, Ladislas, ll.d., k.c.s.g., university professor, b. Education: Gymnasium, Sambor; Universities of Cracow and Berlin. Entered the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, 1867; secretary and treasurer of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati 1874r- 1877, 1880-1884, 1896-1899, 1905-1908; superior, annahst and archivist, Mt. Vincent Academy, Cincionati, 1884^1890, 1902-1906; superior at St. 1911); con- tributor to "Le Cosmos"; of a study on St. Editor of "Appenzeller Nachrichten" 1881-1886; editor-in-chief of "Ostschweiz, St. Professor at Louvain University 1878- ; at present professor of political economy and statistics, and Belgian history. Vice- President of the Society of Art and History of the Diocese of Liege. Education: Gymnasia of Wippertiirth and Attendorn ; University of Bonn; Seminary, Roermond, Holland; Jesuit scholasticates of Exaten, Holland, and Ditton Hall, England. Author of: "Les id^es philosophiques et religieuses de Philon d'Alexandrie" (Paris, 1908); "Chrysippe" (Paris, 1910); "Schelling" (Paris, 1912). Two of his works crowned by the Institut de France. Began career in a solicitor's office in Cracow; lecturer in canon law at the Univer- sity of Cracow 1886; professor of canon law (1888- ), dean of the faculty of law (1895) and Rector (1900), University of Lemberg. Vincent Academy and Ohio Mechanics Institute, Cincinnati; followed courses under professors of Mt. James Convent, Bay City, Michigan, 1890-1891, and at St. Author of: "Mother Seton"; "Little Blossoms"; "Sketch of Mother Margaret Ceciha George"; "History of Mother Seton's Daughters: The Sisters of Charity of Cin- cinnati, Ohio"; collaborator in: "History of the Catholic Church in the United States"; "Female Religious in the United States" (by Sister Mary Agnes: "Mother Seton's Daughters"). HHdegard to "Revue des questions historiques"; of "Un hvre d'heures de Catherine de M^dicis" to "L'Art Chretien"; editor and author of "Annuaire Pontificale Catholique" (1897- ). Gall", 1886-1904; editor-in-chief of "Neue Ziiricher Nachrichten" 1904- . Flue (1904); "Appenzeller Freiheitskriege" (drama) (1906); "Im Flug ans siid Uche Gestade" (1908)," "Schlacht am Stoss" (drama); "Im Banne von drei Koniginnen". Education: Gymnasium, Montabaur; Universities of Bonn, Marburg, Breslau, Strassburg, and Berlin; Academy of Noble Ecclesiastics, Rome. Author of: "Curious Questions"; "Truth and Error"; "The Age of Un- reason"; "Life of Archbishop Hughes"; "History of the American College, Rome"; "Waifs and Strays", 2 vols. President of the School of Com- mercial, Consular and Colonial Sciences, Louvain; member of the Superior Council of Labor; permanent secretary of the Belgian Society of Social Economy; corresponding member of the Institut de France (Academy of Moral and Political Sciences) ; member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. Author of: "Les paroisses de I'ancien concile de Hoz^mont" (Li^ge, 1900); "Les paroisses de I'ancien concile de Saint-Remacle k Li Sge" (Liege, 1904); "Annexes au Catalogue des manuscrits de la Bibliothlque de ]'LTniversit6 de Li Sge" (. Ordained 1881; entered the Society of Jesus 1890; since then writer on subjects connected with ecclesiastical art, archseology, and liturgy; at present resident at Valkenburg, Holland. ARTICLES: Philo Jud^us; Stoics and Stoic Philosophy. Author of: "Le schisme Oriental du XI sidcle" (Paris, 1899); "De Graecorum judiciorum origine" (Paris, 1899); "L'Egypte de 1798 k 1900", Prix Audiffred, Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (Paris, 1901); "Les origines du Crucifix dans I'art religieux" (Paris, 1903); "La querelle des images" (Paris, 1904); "Les basi Uques chr^tiennes", Prix Ch. Member of: the Society of Historical Research, Zurich; the Belletristic Associ- ation of Catho Uc Switzerland; the Central Committee of the Catho Uc Volksverein of Switzerland; president of the Christian Social Party of the Canton of Zurich; Secretary-general of the Catho Uc International Union, Zurich, 1917. Author of: "Die Deutschen Hexenprozesse" (1883); "Zur Naturgeschichte der Presse" (1885); "Hat das System Kneipp eine soziale Bedeutung? Joseph's School, Cuddalore, India, 1860-1899; 1st Bishop of Kumbakonam, India, 1899-1913. Ordained 1881; for several years defender of the marriage bond. Catholic Institute, Paris, 1884:- ; ecclesiastical advocate. Peter's Parochial School, Jersey City, New Jersey; St. Author of: "Der Apostel Barnabas" (Mainz, 1876); "Ent- stehung und erste Entwicklung der Katechismen des seligen Petrus Canisius" (Freiburg-im-Breisgau, 1893); "Canisius Wallfahrt", prayer-book (Fribourg, Switzerland, 1896; translated into French and Dutch) ; "Beati Petri Canisii S. (Rochester, 1899-1903), 2 eds.; "A Diary of My Life in the Holy Land" (Rochester, 1907).


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