Guilfoyle newsom dating

But Scaramucci worried that any mention of her being at the dinner would raise suspicion about the nature of their relationship, the Huffington Post said.Scaramucci “feared this particular connection would only make matters worse” and he took it as “an attack,” the Huffington Post said.“We are good friends.” But somehow any publicity linking Scaramucci’s name to Guilfoyle’s so incensed him that he committed a stunning act of job suicide by calling Lizza.The night of the dinner, Lizza tweeted about some of the people who were socializing with President Trump.

In May, the Bay Area News Group reported that Guilfoyle had been in talks with the Trump administration about possibly replacing Sean Spicer as press secretary.

He said the dinner attendees included Melania Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannnity and former Fox executive Bill Shine.

At that point, Guilfoyle’s name apparently hadn’t come up as also being a guest.

Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor famous for prosecuting the dog-mauling death of a San Francisco woman, was married to California Lt. Gavin Newsom for four years when he was mayor of San Francisco.

The two separated in 2005 when she moved to New York to start a career in television.


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