Updating the adm files used by group policy management

An ADM file is used to describe both the user interface presented to the Group Policy administrator and the registry keys that should be updated on the target machines.An ADM file is a text file with a specific syntax which describes both the interface and the registry values which will be changed if the policy is enabled or disabled.Second, creating a central store will significantly reduce the amount of storage being used on your domain controllers!In this article, we are going to create/update our Group Policy Central Store.

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The language folder (ex: en-us) should also be in the root. For example, you might have Office 2003 ADM files in SYSVOL even though you are no longer using Office 2003.To this end, various policy settings are available to manage the manner in which ADM files are read and stored.These are described in Microsoft's KB article 816662.We are now looking the GUID of every Group Policy Object (GPO) in our domain.Open up any policy and you should see a few subfolders. By default, your ADM folder will contain five ADM files. Every policy that you create will automatically include this ADM folder.It is important to note that ADM files shipped with Microsoft operating systems include descriptions of policy settings for not just that platform but for all other platforms on which Group Policy is supported.


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