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When I start feeling a little stressed or blocked, I just sit down and start writing – stream of consciousness, and the trick is you don’t try to make it sound good.I think it’s important to feel like no one’s going to read it ever, so you can just really say what’s up and just be yourself.She’s here as the ambassador of the natural skincare cleansing brand, a role she takes quite seriously.One of the brand managers tells me before my interview that when they first approached Lucas, she sent back a long list of questions about the brand and its manufacturing policies before agreeing to get on board.It sounds simple enough but not enough people do it. IL: I don’t always have the discipline, not at all.But I started writing when I was 10 and now have a chest that is full of diaries.I’d also later find out while talking with Lucas that she spent three months testing the product.Point: Don’t take this for granted, not all celebrities are this diligent.

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I used to do that more when my hair was being dyed from blonde to brown to blonde to brown for different jobs, but now I use Argan oil or Moroccanoil on the ends. GP: You’ve said you enjoy regular diary writing and self-reflection.It’ll be nice and quiet and good for being creative, so I’m excited about it.The comedy directed by Gregory Erdstein, who co-wrote the script with his wife, actress Alice Foulcher, opens at nine Palace cinemas on September 7.It all just gets stuck in there – and it really works! They do a lip balm, and they have a really lovely fine face oil that comes in a little glass bottle. Do they approach you and then you research them, or do you find them online? GP: How do you take care of your hair having to transform it so often for different roles?(Glass is also better than plastic, because it erodes over time.) They use 24 karat gold in their products, and it is really divine and nice on the skin; very natural and organic, too. IL: Sometimes it’s just friends, like my friend Vanessa Megan makes these… IL: I actually haven’t done this for a long time, but I used to like getting organic coconut oil and warming it up so it’s a liquid and pouring it on the scalp.Actually, there was a phase when I was 13, 14 and 15 where I wrote every single day.


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